И опять A330!

Похоже, слухе о задержке на год сильно преувеличены и возникли из-за трудностей перевода с китайского языка.

Сегодня мы получили интересное письмо от наших бразильских коллег (с которым последнее время у нас установились весьма дружеские отношения).

Если кратко, что в данный момент приставка находится в стадии тестирования, которая продлится 20 дней по 12 часов в сутки. Исходя из этого и вооружившись календарем можно предположить, что приставка будет выпущена в середине октября!

Ну и еще новости об A330.

  • Поддержка видео  1080p
  • Поддержка 3D-игр
  • Эксклюзивный релиз игры TianDiDao — никто не знает, что это и когда выйдет
  • Увеличение производительности в эмуляторах
  • RTC  (часы реального времени)

Под катом письмо бразильских коллег с www.dingoobr.com (на английском). Ссылка на оригинальный тред китайского форума.

«New rumors appears about the A330’s release.

Hey comrades,

yesterday was, without any doubts, the day that all of us, Dingoo fans, were waiting for. Finally, after so many rumors, we will know the genuine Dingoo A330. But, at the end, all turned into a big frustration, with the people from Gemei, in it’s official forum, belying that the release date of the A330 would be yesterday (18/09).

Curiously, so ironically, shortly after this news, of that they belying the A330’s release, appeared a new information about it’s release.

Yesterday, while I was looking the forums of our chinese comrades, I found an information of which, at the first moment, appeared to be very interesting. It says about a possible launch, in the middle of the next month, of the A330 for tests and, later, it’s mass production. Also, I came to publish a note abnout this in topic in our community at Orkut, whose initial contents of the message was just about the Gemei postponing the launch of the A330. But as was not so sure, I left this news.

But then, after to seeing a link of a thread coming from Gemei’s forum being published in Dingoonity, I looked for new informations about this, since because, in fact, the news seemed to be very hot. So, like is happening has a few days, I asked to difuno, Dingoonity’s member, to help to figure out this «mystery.» He participates in the Gemei’s forum and know what the people say there (he is Chinese).

He told me that the person, who posted this topic there, got two units of 330 for testing. Also, by coincidence, photos of these tests, whose authorship is from this person who posted this topic in the Gemei’s forum, were published here yesterday. These units came from the mass production that Gemei are doing (first batch, to be precise). At present, the Gemei is conducting tests with the A330, which will last 20 days, 12 hours of testing per day (N. E.: Difuno, in translation, translated this latest information as «20 cycles … 12 cycles. «So I assume that are days, not cycles). The release date according to the author of this message, it would be around October 15th.

About other details, the author said that the emulation performance of A330 is much better than A320 (both display performance and the compatibility). He also tested the buttons, there is no delay in button response. And regarding the performance of video playing, he said that A330 supports 1080P videos.

And, to finish, in the rest of message, the author describes the photos that he posted and also some more information. He says that the A330 would support 3D games (which option is available in main menu). He also said that one game, TianDiDao would be released exclusively for the A330, with no date set for release. And finally, they implemented RTC function, or real time clock.»


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