GooPlayer для родной прошивки

Этот плеер умеет играть аудиоформаты, которые не доступны «родному» плееру из комплекта Dingoo A320.

Так, например в текущую версию добавлена поддержка форматов XM, MOD, S3M

*** Changelog ***
* Support for XM, MOD and S3M files
* Fix crash which sometimes occured on files with non-english filenames (you still cannot play them though)
* Fix crash on non-pawed dingoos
* Added seeking, hold DPAD left/right to seek (only for OGG)
* Added folder support (multiple levels)
* Files are now sorted by filename
* Ability to skip splash screen with the A button
* If a song cannot be loaded, an error message will be displayed

Note about XM, MOD and S3M:
I can’t show time for these files (I would have to calculate this myself), so instead I show another number for how far in the song you are.
Also, a few songs may repeat endlessly.
For this release, thanks goes out to alekmaul, for his port of modplay that I’m using.

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