ReGBA для Dingoo (альфа 9)


Очередное обновление ReGBA под OpenDingux, скомпилированное Gaku_Kano. Автор эмулятора, Nebuleon выпустил сразу две альфа-версии за короткий промежуток времени, так что портировать пришлось прыжком от седьмой альфы к девятой. Новая версия содержит достаточно большой список изменений, так что приведем его без перевода:

  • Rebinding for all GBA buttons (A, B, L, R, Start, Select) and rapid-fire. Regular buttons have mandatory bindings; rapid-fire buttons have optional bindings. See the Input Settings submenu.
  • Rebinding for the Menu button, now as a hotkey (which means you can require more than 1 button to enter the menu). Additionally, the Menu hotkey is not recognised if more than just its button is pressed (for example, set the hotkey to Y and R+Y won’t trigger the menu, only exactly Y). The default Menu hotkey is Y. See the Hotkeys submenu.
  • The Fast-forward hotkey can now be rebound. The default is to have none, so if you want one, go set one 🙂
  • There is now a Fast-forward target setting. It allows you to set the maximum speed of fast-forwarding while its hotkey is pressed; values are from 2x to 6x. See the Display Settings submenu.
  • Saving the game on the GBA now does not display a short progress screen with «Writing saved data» in the middle.
  • Display settings, which were formerly shown in the Main Menu, are now in a Display Settings submenu.
  • A display optimisation whereby the border is not drawn every frame if all back-buffers of the N-buffered surface are guaranteed to be filled. This may help the Dingoo A320 in the bordered and aspect-ratio-preserving scaling modes. However, pcercuei reports it crashing in the Display Settings submenu on the Dingoo A320.
  • (альфа 9) A fast-forward toggle hotkey, defaulting to none. You can press the fast-forward while held hotkey and it will work regardless of toggle. If you toggle fast-forwarding and press the while-held hotkey, it will not go faster, however. See the Hotkeys submenu.

Скачать эмулятор можно по приведенным ниже ссылкам:



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