Таблицы GPIO для Dingoo A320

BooBoo обновил описание таблиц GPIO для Dingoo A320, после того как получил схемы Dingoo A320 от ChinaChip.

Дабы не играть в «испорченный телефон», приводим цитату с его сайта.

  • PD3 and PD4 are unused GPIO but connected to test pads. Could be used for hardware mods (but first those pads would have to be located on the PCB). I’ll open one of the A320 this evening and have a look.
  • PD22 is connected to the HOLD key (0=pressed, already pointed out in the comments by BouKiCHi).
  • PB30 confirmed to be battery charge status input.
  • PD20 is the battery charge control output (1=charge enabled). Actually, this turns on a NMOS which shunts a resistor to ground. This resistor is used to set the charge control, so in theory a PWM output could be used to achieve lower charge current. However, this pin’s alternate function is SSI data output, so PWM might be achieved by spitting out continuously the appropriate data.

Not related to GPIO, but also interesting:

  • The FM chip audio output is (as expected) connected to the LINE_IN inputs of the JZ4732.
  • As I had guessed, the LCD read signal is not connected, and thus it is not possible to identify the LCD type or synchronize the GRAM refresh to the VSYNC.


Соотвественно, wiki обновлена.

Что это может дать ? Скорее всего, более точный индикатор заряда. А еще, если удасться «подцепить» 2 свободных контакта — то путь для различных самоделок. Например, внешняя клавиатура или еще что-то подобное.



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